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Much, much more than power.

Take a look at all the amazing benefits we have to offer customers of North American Power. From our commitment to a sustainable environment and integrated charitable donations, to our exclusive Renewable Energy REwards program and innovative customer referral opportunities, North American Power offers benefits everyone can appreciate:

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Low Rates

Low Rates

We buy our electricity and gas from suppliers at wholesale prices, which allows us to drive costs down. We then take those savings and pass them down to our customers with greenelectric™ and cleangas™. We're always working to provide you with the most competitive rates we can. It's the least we can do.

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Wind Turbine


We take preservation of the environment very seriously. That's why as of June 1 2013, North American Power and Gas has purchased and retired over 614,000 Renewable Energy Certificates - from accredited hydropower and wind sources - to substantiate our 25% and 100% renewable electricity products. We've also purchased and retired 20,000 Verified Carbon Standard certified offsets to support our clean gas™ products. Supporting sustainable resources, we hope to make a significant impact in the fight to create a brighter future for all.

Our sustainable products

  • Green Electric
  • Clean Gas
  • American Wind

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Green Flag

Energy Independence

There is no greater cause than protecting the future of our great nation for our children and ourselves. With AmericanWind®, you have the opportunity to reduce our reliance on foreign energy and invest in one of our nation's most abundant natural resources: Wind.

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Free Energy Challenge

Yes, we said FREE energy! Simply enroll as a greenelectric™ or cleangas™ customer, then share the news about North American Power with family friends, and invite them to join. When they become a customers, you're on your way to FREE energy.

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Referral Rewards

Income Opportunity

Making good choices is rewarding, and with North American Power, downright profitable. With Referral Rewards you could share your way to free electricity and gas, a family vacation, or even total financial independence. All without any financial risk.

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Mission to Millions

Mission to Millions

Every month that you remain a customer with us, we'll give $1 on your behalf to your charity of choice from our featured list of partners. We know that $1 doesn't sound like much. But if you multiply it by thousands of new customers, you'll find that together, we can really be the power for change.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer service is important to us. In fact, it's the most important thing. That's why all of our products are 100% guaranteed. If you are unstatisfied at any time, you can switch back to your old provider without penalty.

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Renewable Energy REwards

As a customer who chooses 100%greenelectric™, 100%cleangas or American Wind®, you'll receive access to our exclusive savings program - Renewable Energy REwards™. With a nationwide-network of over 300,000 discounts, and a companion mobile app with 125,000+ show-and-save coupons you can use again and again, you'll never miss a chance to save at thousands of name brands, online and in-store.


Stop searching for coupons. With the Renewable Energy REwards app, thousands of coupons to popular local and nationwide merchants are now stored in one place - easy to access, easy to save. Simply display the coupon on your mobile device and present to the associate at checkout to redeem.

Deals on Demand

Use the built-in GPS deal locator to find savings at participating merchants in your immediate area.

Better than Daily Deals

Just like green energy, these savings are renewable, with no expiration or redemption restrictions on many offers.¹ Your commitment to a cleaner America means you can save again and again at the merchants you visit most, with exciting offers in categories including dining, entertainment, shopping, home services, health and beauty and more!

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